Springfield Preparatory School

Christmas show and grade 0 graduation 2010
On 26 November 2010 we had our Christmas show. Everybody was on stage to show what they’ve learned in 2010.

First Day of School 2011
Can you still remember your first day at a new school? Those are memories which we’ll never forget. It was the same for our new learners in 2011 at Springfield Preparatory School.

Springfield Prep Picnic 2010
One Saturday morning in March 2010, we had picnic in the garden. It was a Saturday filled with laughter, food and good company. What else do you need for a very successful picnic?

Springfield Preparatory Our beautiful school
Springfield has not just been chosen as a random name. These pictures testify of an exquisite, lush environment where learning takes place. It is always spring at Springfield Preparatory!

Springfield Preparatory School Graduation 2011
On 6 December 2011, twenty five Grade 0 learners graduated from Springfield Pre-Preparatory School.