Springfield Preparatory School
A Pre-school (nursery school) and a Primary School

Springfield Preparatory School is an inter-denominational school with a distinctly Christian ethos. If you are a parent looking for a school with a caring environment, small classes, outstanding and well-qualified teachers, and you see the importance of Christian values and principles being instilled in your child, then look no further.

The pre-school runs from age 2 to Grade 0. Grade 0 is also referred to as Grade R. This is the school readiness year. The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education. The Primary School runs from Grade 1 to Grade 7. This is the Foundation as well as the Intermediate Phase.

Our aims:

  1. To assist parents as they seek to fulfill the biblical mandate to nurture their children in the knowledge of God. We therefore, seek to build a meaningful partnership between the home and school.
  2. We aim to unfold the created world to learners in a God-centered way rather than to teach from a fragmented people-centered philosophy.
  3. We aim to provide an environment where the child experiences acceptance, support, nurture, challenge and encouragement, where the child is valued for who they are, and not just for what they do.
  4. We aim to develop the whole person and feel that the development of wisdom and character are as important as academic achievement.

Springfield Preparatory does not reflect the doctrine of any specific denomination. The school has an open admissions policy and is not solely open to Christian families.

About the pre-school:

We follow a specific academic programme where Literacy and Numeracy are being taught in a very simple form from age 2. The academic programme has been internationally tried and tested for the past 15 years. We have enormous success with the academic exposure which the students are receiving. To enhance the academic programme, we have a Music programme as well as a Gross Motor skills programme which runs along with the academic programme. Included in the academic programme is Fine Motor skills development which takes place together with creative activities.

A normal day at the pre-school consists of English Communication, Literacy, Numeracy, Music, Fine and Gross Motor skills development and, of course, PLAY! We know that learning takes place when FUN is the goal. Meals are also included: breakfast, lunch and three snacks are being served.

About the primary school:

The academic programme is based on a very intensive programme. Literacy and Numeracy are being taught at an above average standard. They also have a programme for Social Science and Natural Science. We follow the New CAPS curriculum introduced by the GDE, however, there is plenty of time to supplement the contents with more challenging material. The students are getting exposed to material above the usual age group standard and perform accordingly. This is possible seeing that the class sizes are small and the teachers are passionate about what they are doing.

Meals as well as aftercare are available.